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The Process & Pricing

The Process:

The first step for any mural is of course the Consultation. This is where we get the chance to meet together and visualize your design!  I will also measure walls, take photos, and will put together a quote for you. This is when we will discuss the key elements most important to your project so please be sure to include as much information as possible so i can deliver everything you hope for!  If you have any questions or special requests I encourage you to make them known early on. Photos and other references are very helpful in this step.  Also, I use the textiles in the rest of the room to determine color tone and technique, so its important to let me know if the flooring or wall color for the rest of the room be changing as well.  All of these details are very important to the planning process.

Once the consultation is complete, if needed, I will work to create a sketch of the scene, ensuring that I have included all of the elements discussed during the consultation.  Please note, I do require a reasonable fee depending on the size and scope of the project and amount of detail you would like the sketch to include for my time.  Once the sketch is complete, I'll send the image to you via email or we can sit down one on one to discuss any alterations if needed at this point.  This will be my guide while working on your project so it's important we get this just right.

Before we start, I’d like to say a word about the paints I use. In most cases my paints are water-based and the latex and acrylics that I work with have a very low odor which is barely noticeable.  Both acrylic and latex paints dry incredibly quickly which allows me to work very quickly to get the job done.  Note that in situations where the mural will be outdoors or subjected to harsh environmental conditions, I use enamels and oil-based paints to ensure durability and this often requires longer than usual drying times.

Now we're getting somewhere!  Prep and Base Coat –   I ask that ahead of time any furniture that might be in the way be moved to the center of the room and covered with plastic drop cloths.  I will use canvas drop cloths on the floor since plastic can get slippery :)  Wall prep is something that can easily be done by the client ahead of time, or I will be glad to do it myself and include the time in the commission.  Cover plates from switches and outlets will need to be removed and switches covered with tape.  If the door is included in the mural we will tape off door hardware as well. Any holes left from hardware or nails from pictures will need to be patched up and sanded, and the wall wiped down. Then the background will be painted and left to dry approximately an hour.

Background and blocking in - This step is so exciting to me, because you can really begin to see things take shape...

Grand Finale!  Now we can begin the Detail work. The detail work is the most time consuming and tedious, but also the most fun. This is when the mural will come to life!  As the mural progresses I will check in with you and ask if there are any alterations you'd like at this point.


Each and every project truly is unique and so its difficult to have a set price and I do my best to accommodate any budget.  Below is more of a general guide:

I have a minimum fee of $250. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes for any project including  even the smallest of jobs, and this generally covers my time, supplies, travel etc.

Once we are agreed on project details and pricing, a  65% down-payment will be required which will be used to purchase the supplies needed to complete your project and to secure scheduling.  In rare or special circumstances when material costs are substantial, a larger amount upfront may be required (as in the case with Venetian Plaster or unique materials). The remaining balance is due upon completion.

Mural cost - Depending on the amount of detail and working conditions involved in your project, the fee can range between $12 - $45 per square foot for murals and from $5 - $ 25 a square foot for specialty finishes and $2.30 -$4 per square foot for general color change/painting.  For smaller projects I will sometimes go by an hourly rate of $65/hour.  Any additional charges  are dependent on out of the ordinary working conditions such as restricted hours of operation or extensive driving time and distance, and certain items, such as specialized equipment or scaffolding needed to complete the job will be added to the estimate.  This being said, whether your project is large or modest, every mural is important to me and no job is too small for consideration! :)

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